OE Plus Performance Professional Wire

BWD OE Plus Performance Professional Wire

Ignition wire and cable set from Standard Motor Products

BWD OE Plus Performance Professional Wire Sets feature original equipment fit, form and function. Every set is designed, built and tested to meet or exceed OE quality standards. BWD Wire Sets feature “better than OE” D.I.S. Coil Boots and OHC boots that provide better dielectric performance than the OE plastic tubes. Our wire sets contain heat shields, looms, and high-temperature silicone boots, where required, to provide advanced protection from the harsh conditions of the engine.

BWD OE Plus Performance Professional Wire: Innovation in Engineering.

Proper Installation Angles

  • Boots configured at proper installation angles that resist extreme engine heat and petroleum based contaminants.

Heat Shield and Loom

  • Provides advanced protection against abrasion and high heat on select applications.

Triple Silicone Wire

  • Combines the conductor, insulation, and jacket materials for unsurpassed thermal protection.

  • Certain late model applications will have magnetic surpression (MAG) core for enhanced performance.

High-Temperature Silicone Boots

  • Specially made to withstand extreme heat.