When OE fails...Trust BWD®

The OE's are far from perfect


Many original OE designs can have unforeseen weak points that lead to product failure. These OE flaws don’t surface until vehicles are on the road.

High OE failure Rates Make Ignition Coils a Key Aftermarket Category

Today’s advanced systems can push an ignition coil to the brink of destruction.

  • High resistance overworks a coil
  • Coils now operate in a harsher environment
  • Ignition coils are mandatory replacement parts

The BWD Advantage

We have several years to evaluate the original part, identify the OE issues and correct those problems.


We Bring the Total Package


SMP Poland

Our most advanced engineering, design and manufacturing facility

SMP Poland.png

In 2006, SMP acquired an OE ignition coil company in Bialystok, Poland. This plant had been manufacturing coils for the OE since 1979.

  • SMP Poland is now 108,000 sq. ft. and IATF 16949-certified
  • We manufacture 6 million coils and 2 million sensors each year
  • We introduce 110+ new products annually
  • More than 750 employees including 60+ resident engineers
  • Highest quality coils for optimal performance and maximum durability