Turbo Oil Drain Tube

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Drain tubes on certain Ford vans and trucks are prone to premature rusting. To prevent rusting and improve durability, our Turbo Oil Drain Tubes are made with Zinc-plated cold-rolled steel.

  • Zinc-plated cold-rolled steel provides superior durability and helps prevent rusting
  • Comes with new O-rings for ease of installation

Why a Sharpie Comes in Handy During Oil Drain Tube Installs

Installing a new turbo oil drain tube on a Ford 6.0L engine is a lengthy, in-depth job. To make things simpler, our ASE-certified technician recommends marking the tubes with a Sharpie. Watch the full video to find out why.


What you need to know:

Level of difficulty: ADVANCED
Approximate installation time: 3 Hours
Vehicle Used:
2004 Ford F250 Super Duty
Featured Part Number: