Diesel Fuel Injection Control Modules

Don't Tolerate Rough Running on Cold Starts

On the Ford® 6.0L Power Stroke® engine, the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) supplies 48 volts to the two injector solenoids. A voltage drop will lead to improper oil flow regulation and fuel injector function. 

Don't Tolerate Rough Running on Cold Starts

During cold starts, when oil is thickest, the injector solenoids draw more current. The excessive current draw can damage the FICM’s capacitors, causing them to drop out and lower the voltage supply. A common symptom is rough running on cold startups followed by normal engine operation. Although truck owners often tolerate the condition, it may lead to injector damage and even a crank no-start.

Diesel Fuel Injection Control Modules

To help prevent serious damage to engines, we’re proud to offer a line of Diesel Fuel Injection Control Modules (FICM) with 100% new, upgraded power supply boards. Featuring a re-engineered layout, our FICM power supply distributes heat more evenly, keeping diodes and other critical components cooler and preventing the failure that can occur in competitors’ units. 

Powered by Our Upgraded FICM Board

Powered by Our Upgraded FICM Board

The FICM contains two modules: a power module and a logic module. On select Ford trucks, the low-quality electronics on the OE and other aftermarket FICM power modules can overheat and lead to failure. Another common cause of failure with OE units is vibration. 

Designed from the ground up at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our R76001 Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) Power Supply surpasses its counterparts in quality.

R76001 Features:

  • Re-engineered circuit board layout 
  • Higher-quality electronics reduce excess heat 
  • Four large coils on the circuit board that exceed OE specifications
  • Gold-plated contacts for greater energy transfer
  • Built-in load dump protection for reduced high-voltage interference
  • No programming necessary
  • 100% New
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Eliminates need to replace both power and logic modules
  • Components epoxied in place to help prevent vibration-related failures

Installation Tip: FICM or Glow Plug?

How to Identify a Faulty FICM: 

  • Monitor a scan data PID called FICM_MPWR. If the data is lower than 48 volts, you likely have a faulty FICM. 
  • Make sure the PID FICM_VPWR and FICM_LPWR both indicate battery voltage. If sufficient voltage is not available to the FICM, it can't do its job. 
  • Expect plenty of DTCs set for injector circuit voltage errors. 

... and Make Sure Glow Plugs Aren't the Problem: 

FICMs and glow plugs can both cause hard start or rough running on a cold engine. Here's one way to tell the difference: 

  • If there's white smoke coming out of the exhaust after a long crank, the problem is likely the glow plugs. 
  • If there's no smoke, it's likely the FICM. 

How to Repair the FICM on a Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Engine

What you need to know: 

  • Level of difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Approximate installation time: 2 hours
  • Tools needed: T10, T20, 10mm socket, ratchet, extension