With more than 225 unique relay categories, we are your go-to source for a full line of accessory and electronic relay solutions that match the OE for fit, form, and function. Our relays are the product of high-quality design, testing, and manufacturing. Take this coolant fan relay for example:


  • relay-1png

    100% tested during manufacturing for electronic component assembly and wire bond connectivity

  • relay-2png

    Copper terminals with aluminum inlay keep electrical resistance low and still provide benefits for wire bonding and corrosion protection

  • relay-5png

    Circuitry is designed to withstand electrical over-stress conditions such as reverse polarity, ESD transients, and jump start voltage extremes

  • relay-4png

    100% tested prior to shipping for continuous current load, quiescent current, voltage drop, pull-in current, voltage and hysteresis

  • relay-3png

    Heatsink is made from aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity

Relay Replacement Tips

Helpful tips to consider when replacing a relay