About Electronic Throttle Bodies

Located in the air intake system, the Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) controls the amount of air flow in the engine as the driver steps on and off the accelerator pedal. Electronic throttle bodies have high failure rates. When the original fails, it can affect a vehicle’s power, fuel economy, and drivability.

TechSmart® is proud to offer a line of ETBs that includes more than 190 SKUs covering 150 Million Vehicles In Operation (VIO)

We feature the most comprehensive ETB coverage in the aftermarket

Every Electronic Throttle Body is 100% new, never remanufactured, and undergoes extensive calibration and testing

TechSmart Electronic Throttle Bodies are 100% New, Never Remanufactured


Each of our TechSmart® Electronic Throttle Bodies is 100% new – so there’s no core charge – and undergoes extensive calibration and testing to ensure superior performance and durability out of the box. So, in addition to providing comprehensive coverage, we’re proud to also offer premium-quality replacements for electronic throttle body repairs.

Basic Manufacturing

As a basic manufacturer, we maintain complete quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, including everything from designing and machining our own testing equipment to assembling and calibrating the components.

A Closer Look: Electronic Throttle Bodies