OE's Go Off-Platform

When OE's go off-platform and source, their OE Aftermarket parts look and perform differently


Here the OE and OE aftermarket coils don’t match – their bobbin segmentation is different.

SMP’s design is superior to the OE aftermarket part and we’ve designed a coil that overcomes the OE flaws. Our non-segmented bobbin eliminates epoxy air pockets while our one-piece overmolded terminal design prevents moisture intrusion for a long lasting, high-performing coil.

Source: SMP Poland Testing Lab, 2018

The Test Results are in


BWD® coils outperform the OE and OE aftermarket coils with more spark energy and longer lasting discharge to deliver improved performance and fuel economy.

Source: SMP Poland Testing Lab, 2018

Who's the Original Manufacturer?

We examine every OE platform manufacturer in our categories


More than half of our coil sales are for vehicles produced by OE’s that do not offer an aftermarket program including our top 5 selling coils (25% of our coil sales).

OE Off-Platform Sourcing

Many OE’s use non-OE product in their aftermarket programs

Once a part comes off-platform, these OE’s source, rather than manufacture – OE’s aren’t built for “short-run” requirements.

We estimate that one OE is sourcing approximately 73% of its aftermarket coils from China.