Ready-to-install right out of the box.

BWD and Intermotor OE-Matching Clone-able TPMS Program

BWD® and Intermotor® offer a complete TPMS line featuring OE-matching direct-fit Clone-able TPMS Sensors, mounting hardware, service kits, shop tools and more than 98% coverage. This is the best TPMS coverage featuring the most advanced TPMS sensors.

BWD® TPMS sensors are specifically engineered to match the fit, form and function of the vehicle’s original sensor. Each OE-matching clone-able sensor has its own unique sensor ID, the right protocol and matching body style. And with sophisticated technology built in to make it ID Clone-able, BWD® OE-matching sensors allow technicians to bypass complex OE relearn procedures. Techs get the best of both worlds – a matching sensor with built-in time-saving technology.

But that’s not all. These same BWD® and Intermotor® OE-matching clone-able TPMS sensors can be OE-relearned, work with all major TPMS service tools, and are ready-to-install right out of the box. That’s right, BWD® and Intermotor® advanced OE-matching TPMS sensors can be ID-cloned or OE-relearned; technician’s choice.

BWD® OE-Matching Clone-able TPMS Sensor Line

  • TPMS from the leader in vehicle sensor technology – full Design, Manufacture, Marketing, Sales, & Technical Support
  • BWD® OE-matching Clone-able TPMS sensors were a New Product Showcase Winner at AAPEX 2012
  • Full program includes TPMS sensors, service kits, accessories, mounting hardware, and the right TPMS tools
  • BWD® sensors are direct-fit and OE-matching
  • Advanced ID “Cloning” technology
  • Ready-to-install right out of the box
  • 187 total part numbers including a broad service line of compatible valve cores, valve nuts, seals, washers and valve caps
  • 122 total OE-matching TPMS sensors with more than 98% coverage for domestic and import vehicles
  • 62 Clone-able sensors with 85% coverage for domestic and import vehicles
  • 24 out of the top 25 OE-matching sensors are clone-able
  • Clone-able sensors look, fit and function like the OE
  • Each sensor comes with its own unique sensor ID and uses the exact OE protocol to ensure reliable performance
  • Technicians can bypass complex OE relearn processes, clone the sensor ID – saving time and money while maintaining OE fit, form and function
  • Clone-able sensors can be ID-cloned manually with the TechSmart® T55000 tool or using RF transmission with our T55001 and T55003 tools
  • Engineered to match OE fit, form and function, BWD® sensors are also ready-to-install right out of the box and can be OE-relearned
  • BWD® Clone-able sensors can be used with all OE and aftermarket TPMS programming tools
  • BWD® TPMS sensors are designed to operate within an extremely tight radio frequency (RF) eliminating most external interference for a more accurate monitoring of the tires

The BWD® OE-Matching Cloning Process

Step 1:  Locate the ID number on the old sensor.

*If old sensor is destroyed, the ID number may be retrieved from the vehicle’s computer.

Step 2:  Place the new BWD® Clone-able Sensor in the holding tray of the TechSmart® T55000.

Step 3:  Enter the ID Number from the old sensor and press enter

Cloning is now complete! It really is that easy!

Step 4:  Write the cloned ID on the sticker provided with the new BWD® sensor.

Step 5:  Affix sticker to back of new sensor.

Don't forget the service kit.

TPMS service parts should be replaced every time a tire is removed from the wheel. These parts may include Valve Stem, Seal, Washer, Nut, Valve Core and Cap.

TPMS Sensor

Seal washer

Valve core


Valve nut

Valve cap