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One TPMS Supplier. One Complete TPMS Program. Real Clarity.

You know that BWD® and Intermotor® offer a complete TPMS line featuring OE-matching direct-fit Clone-able TPMS Sensors, mounting hardware, service kits, shop tools and more than 98% coverage. And that means technicians get the best of both worlds – an OE-matching TPMS sensor with advanced technology built in to make it ID Clone-able, saving time and money in the bay. But did you know that these same BWD® and Intermotor® OE-matching clone-able TPMS sensors can be OE-relearned, work with all major TPMS service tools, and are ready-to-install right out of the box.

And that’s not all. BWD® now offers the most advanced Multi-coverage (multi-fit, multi-application, universal) TPMS sensor in the market today – NEW QWIK-SENSOR!

Our innovative QWIK-SENSOR line covers 94% of all Domestic, European and Asian applications with only 3 Multi-Coverage TPMS sensors. They are easily programmed with the TechSmart® T55003 TPMS tool and once activated can be ID-cloned or OE-relearned, technician’s choice. Each QWIK-SENSOR is available in two valve stem configurations, metal or rubber to match the proper application. QWIK-SENSOR TPMS Sensors are color-coded for easy identification and come fully assembled right out of the box.

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BWD® OE-Matching
       TPMS Sensors

Multi-Coverage Sensors

BWD® sensors are designed to operate within a tighter radio frequency (RF) eliminating most external interference for a more accurate monitoring of the tires

Our radio frequency (RF) and sensor patents provide advanced system performance

Can be ID-cloned or OE-relearned; technician’s choice

Military-Grade Lithium Battery ensures maximum battery life and sensor

ID-cloning can be performed manually with the TechSmart® T55000 tool or using RF transmission with our T55001 and T55003 tools

OE-matching TPMS sensor line provides >98% coverage for domestic and import vehicles

Technicians can bypass complex OE relearn processes, clone the sensor ID – saving time and money while maintaining OE fit, form and function

Engineered to match OE fit, form and function, Standard sensors are ready-to-install right out of the box – each sensor comes with its own unique sensor ID, the right vehicle protocol and matching body style. Work with all OE and aftermarket TPMS programming tools

The QWIK-SENSOR line features 3 sensors providing 94% coverage for domestic and import vehicles

Color-coded for easy identification:

Blue = Domestic/Asian
Red = European
Green = Asian

QWIK-SENSOR Multi-Coverage sensors come fully-assembled right out of the box

Matching TPMS service kits, replacement valves, mounting hardware and the right TPMS shop tools are available

Available in two factory installed valve stem configurations, rubber (R suffix) or metal (M suffix) to match the proper application

Once activated,
works with all
major TPMS tools

Easily programmed with TechSmart® T55003 TPMS Tool and once activated, QWIK-SENSOR TPMS sensors can be ID-cloned or OE-relearned

BWD® OE-Matching
       TPMS Sensors

Multi-Coverage Sensors

BWD OE-Matching TPMS sensors
  can be OE-Relearned or ID-Cloned

OE Relearn Procedure

The BWD® OE-Matching 
Clone-able TPMS sensor
can be installed right out of
the box.

Once installed, follow the
OE factory relearn procedure
using TechSmart® T55001
or any OE or aftermarket
TPMS programming tool.

ID Cloning Procedure

ID-Clone the BWD®
OE-Matching sensor before
installation using the

TechSmart® T55000 tool.

Install the cloned sensor on 
the vehicle – no
programming or
procedures are

Install the BWD 
OE-Matching Clone-able
Sensor right out
the box.

Once installed, you can ID
clone the sensor using

TechSmart® T55001 or one
of the many tools on the
market today by copying the
ID from the old sensor onto
the new BWD®
Clone-able sensor.

Once the installed sensor
has been cloned – no further
programming or relearn
procedures are required.

 The QWIK-SENSOR Multi-Coverage
  sensor must be activated using the
TechSmart® T55003, T55001 or another
  compatible TPMS programming tool.

Activation Procedure

Once activated, the QWIK-SENSOR
contains the exact matching OE protocol
and can be installed. The activated,
installed QWIK-SENSOR can now be
ID-cloned or OE relearned.

OE Relearn Procedure

Once installed, follow the
OE factory relearn
TechSmart® T55003,
T55001 or any major TPMS
programming tool.

ID Cloning Procedure

Once installed, use the TechSmart®
T55001 or other TPMS
programming tool to ID-clone the
QWIK-SENSOR by copying the ID
the old sensor onto the new

Once the installed
QWIK-SENSOR has been
cloned – no
further programming
or relearn procedures are required.

Testing and Product Validation

Environmental testing using SAEJ2657 certification standards

  • On-vehicle live test for 168+ hours
  • Operational temperature test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Extreme temperature test
  • Humidity test
  • Frost test
  • Proof pressure test
  • Rapid deflation test
  • Contamination test
  • Salt fog test
  • Drop Test
  • Vehicle speed test (centrifugal force)
  • Mechanical vibration test