TechSmart: Smart Solutions for Today’s Technicians

TechSmart® is an exciting new brand of enhanced engine control products developed for the professional service technician. TechSmart® is designed to help the technician with new technology, new categories, and problem-solving improvements to the original with a proven quality they can trust.

Taking advantage of SMP’s rich experience, TechSmart® encompasses our innovation, engineering expertise, superior product quality, meticulous testing, unmatched customer service, competitive pricing, and brand integrity. The qualities that have made BWD an industry leader are at the heart of every TechSmart® part.

With more than 100 key categories, the TechSmart® line currently includes electronic throttle bodies, HVAC blend door motors and actuators, park assist sensors, keyless entry transmitters, headlight adjustment motors and level sensors, battery current sensors,variable valve timing components, HID xenon headlight ballasts, advanced TPMS service tools, distributor assemblies, steering column shift tubes, power distribution centers, expansion tank service kits, fuel level sensors, DISA valve and numerous other repair kits and more.

In other words, TechSmart® will continue to be the expert in these select engine control categories. That’s why every time a professional service technician installs a TechSmart® part...it means “problem solved”!

“TechSmart® enhances OE products with problem-solving
improvements and introduces new categories and technology.

What Makes TechSmart® Different?

TechSmart® provides smart solutions to today’s professional service technicians by bringing products to market swiftly while improving on existing OE problem parts. Think TechSmart® first for these high-quality, hard-to-find, problem-solving parts with enhancements engineered and meticulously tested by SMP® engineers.

“Every part we put into a TechSmart® box is a direct result of a conversation with a professional technician.

TechSmart® Keyless Entry Transmitters (A.K.A. Key Fobs)

• All TechSmart® Key Fobs are full transmitters for an exact OE replacement and are FCC/IC approved.

• More than 30 SKUs currently available covering more than 68 million VIO

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TechSmart® Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM)

The engineers at our Orlando, Florida advanced electronics manufacturing facility have redesigned the Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) from the ground up, with significant performance upgrades. The result is TechSmart® FICM power board that stands up to the toughest underhood conditions.

  • Re-engineered circuit board layout
  • Higher-quality electronics cut down excess heat
  • Four large coils on the board custom made to TechSmart® spec
  • Gold-plated contacts for greater energy transfer
  • Built-in load dump protection to prevent high-voltage interference
  • No programming necessary
  • New, NOT remanufactured
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/FICM?type=p&search=s

TechSmart® Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit

Also known as the "Blue Spring" Upgrade Kit, the TechSmart® kit includes all the O-rings and hard parts to rebuild the fuel filter housing. With the TechSmart® R81001 kit installed, most see an increase of 10-15 PSI of fuel pressure. The added fuel pressure will help the injectors from out-flowing the stock fuel pump, meaning no air in the injectors, and an injector with a longer service life.

TechSmart® NEW Distributor Assemblies

  • Made with high dielectric strength caps to ensure accurate energy transfer and spark timing.
  • Improved 5120H steel gear design for enhanced performance in high-torque applications.
  • Stainless Steel Screws to protect against corrosion.
  • 100% tested to ensure peak performance and extended life.
  • SAE J1171 Certified for use in marine applications.
  • Manufactured by SMP® in our Greenville, South Carolina facility.
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/Distributor Assembly - New?type=p

TechSmart® Steering Column Shift Tubes

  • TechSmart® is twice as thick as competitor.
  • Competitor doesn’t match the original.
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TechSmart® Tail Light Circuit Boards

  • TechSmart® engineered molded sockets to eliminate OE water intrusion problem.
  • Competitor 3-piece design leads to water intrusion.
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/Tail Light Circuit Board?type=p

TechSmart® Molded Design

OE and Competitor Designs

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TechSmart® HVAC Blend Door Motors and Actuators

  • TechSmart® has chamfered pins for a better and easier connector fit.
  • Competitor flat-tipped pins can bend or break during installation.
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/HVAC Recirculation Mode Door Actuator?type=p


Chamfered Pins


Flat Pins

TechSmart® VVT Chain Tensioners

  • TechSmart® includes new gasket and seal.
  • OE sells separately. Gasket or seal usually on worn part.
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Chain Tensioner?type=p&search=s

TechSmart® Park Assist Sensors

  • TechSmart® has OE-matching body designs and connectors.
  • Competitor consolidates using universal pigtail.

Competitor Non-OE Match

TechSmart® Matching Designs

TechSmart® DISA Valve Repair Kit

  • Repair just the damaged portion of the DISA valve instead of replacing the entire assembly.
  • New Flap, New Flap Driver, New Mounting Pin & Retaining Clip, and Removal Tool
View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/DISA Valve Repair Kit?type=p

TechSmart® VW / Audi Cam Follower

TechSmart® offers a high-quality direct replacement Cam Follower for 2013-06 VW/Audi 2.0T. The low-friction coating on the original units can wear down over time causing excess friction against the cam lobe and high-pressure fuel pump plunger. This can lead to extreme engine damage and an expensive repair.

View Full Product Listing http://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/BWD/#/searchparts/searchText/Cam follower?type=p&search=s


Catastrophic Failure

TechSmart® High Temperature Headlight Harnesse

The headlight wiring harness supplies consistent power from a vehicle’s battery to its lighting system.

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What Sets Us Apart: High-Temp Connectors

The ProblemThe heat generated by modern OE automotive light bulbs can melt the bulb’s connectors. 

Melted Harness 600Px

Melted connector caused by heat from OE light bulb

Our Response: To prevent melting, TechSmart's Headlight Wiring Harnesses have high-temp connectors that can withstand extreme heat. The harnesses also have 14-gauge wire for better conductivity and a “plug & play” feature that lets you plug the harness right between the factory harness and new bulb. You can even use the harness as a pigtail if the original connector is melted. TechSmart’s line of headlight harnesses covers the following high-temp bulbs: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9006XS, and 9007.

TechSmart Tip: While you’re upgrading the harness, our TechSmart technicians recommend upgrading the bulb.

TechSmart® Import Solutions

TechSmart® offers a wide variety of high-quality import parts typically purchased at the dealer.


TechSmart® Techs

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Our TechSmart® Techs share personal and professional ‘stories’ – A Day in the Life, Insider Tip, The Customer Story, and Favorite TechSmart® Part. These stories reinforce TechSmart® as the brand that delivers innovative solutions, new technology, quality and integrity – mirroring the same qualities as the technicians delivering our TechSmart® message.