Emission Controls

Emission Control

As a basic manufacturer of emission components, BWD® maintains complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

With our expertise and manufacturing processes in place, BWD® is able to offer high-quality parts for all major emission control systems and evaporative emission control systems. As a result, we provide the comprehensive coverage for domestic and import vehicles that professional technicians need to keep cars running clean.

“Complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process.”

EGR Valves

To reduce or eliminate the amount of smog-creating pollutants emitted during the combustion process, the EGR valve recirculates a portion of the exhaust back through the process. This results in cooler combustion temperatures, which eliminates the formation of NOx emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Every BWD® EGR Valve is calibrated for precision performance. To ensure trouble-free operation, all BWD® EGR Valves must pass comprehensive quality testing, including computer-controlled bench testing for resistance, leakage, and response and flow rates.

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Palladium/gold/platinum alloy with Teflon®-based lubricant ensures very low contact resistance

Direct-fit OE replacement with expected lifespan of more than 16 million cycles

Injection-molded high-temperature polymer prevents temperature-related failures

Stainless steel internal components and fully encapsulated copper windings and connections ensure precision operation and greater protection

Improved anti-rust coating on machine casting for additional protection against rust for maximum life

Includes mounting gasket

EGR Position & EGR Pressure Sensors

The EGR Position sensor detects the movement and position of the EGR valve pintle. The EGR Pressure sensor detects exhaust gas flow through the EGR passage.

Manufactured at our TS14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified facility, BWD® EGR Position and Pressure Sensors use the finest components, and every sensor must pass meticulous quality control to assure that each EGR sensor’s voltage output measurement will always be accurate. Each sensor undergoes a rigorous end-of-line test. During this analysis, we validate output voltages to exacting specifications to ensure reliable, trouble-free operation.

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Utilizes custom BiCMOS IC technology, thin film laser trimming, and 2 sided ceramic circuit technology

Manufactured in our TS 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 Certified Facility

Component level
EMI protection

Sensors pass meticulous quality control to assure accurate voltage output

Contains Acid/Gas resistant sensing element

Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve

The idle air control (IAC) valve is located on the throttle body of fuel-injected engines, where it works with the vehicle’s ECU to electrically regulate airflow to the engine to ensure smooth idling. We manufacture Idle Air Control Valves at our ISO/ TS16949-certified facilities in Greenville, SC, and Reynosa, Mexico, respectively. A key aspect of the manufacturing process is the load testing, which makes sure each actuator delivers a greater force than actual load. 


  • Tested at greater than normal force to extend longevity
  • Anodized aluminum housing resists wear and tear from corrosion
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IAC Valve

Precision-machined housing ensures proper air flow to engine as required by ECU during changing load requirements

Precision-machined solenoid components generate magnetic force to actuate plunger

Anodized aluminum housing resists corrosion better than regular passivation treatment

High-temp polyester coating on solenoid coil wire ensures proper function during cyclic exposure to elevated temperatures

A Sweet Spot Category

IAC Valve

According to our research, more than 70 million vehicles (model years 1995 through 2005) on the road today have entered “sweet spot” years for IAC repairs, which means they have an IAC that will need to be replaced soon. Choose high-quality BWD® Idle Air Control (IAC) Valves to take advantage of this growing repair opportunity. 

Designed and Tested to Prevent Corrosion

The OE idle air control valves are prone to corrosion due to harsh environmental conditions. To make sure our SMP-manufactured IACs last, we give them an anodized coating that is thicker and more robust than the OE coating. As you can see from the results of our salt-fogging test below, our coating withstands corrosion better than the OE: 

IAC Valve

How to Install an IAC Valve on a GM 3100

In this Installation Spotlight, our master technician shows you to how to install an idle air control (IAC) valve on a GM 3100. 

Canister Vent Solenoid

The Evaporation Emission Control (EVAP) system prevents gasoline vapors from escaping the fuel system and entering the atmosphere. To prevent environmentally harmful leaks, BWD offers an expansive line of high-quality EVAP System components, including canister purge solenoids and canister vent solenoids.

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Superior resistance to environmental influences due to proprietary one piece molding technique

Products are 100%
tested in production

High-temperature Viton
O-rings to prevent leaking

Manufactured in TS 14001 and
ISO/TS 16949 certified facility

Competition Comparison

Less space means more protection against moisture intrusion

Larger wire increases conductivity to prevent overheating

Engineered at our TS14001 and ISO/TS16499-certified facility in Independence, KS, BWD® Canister Vent Solenoids feature an improved design that outperform our competitor.

TechSmart® Electronic Throttle Bodies

Meeting the demand for high-quality replacements, TechSmart's line of Electronic Throttle Bodies includes more than 130 direct-replacement units and covers more than 65 million VIO. To ensure quality and reliability, each unit is 100% new, never remanufactured. Plus, with our units, you won’t encounter comebacks due to worn items in a partial rebuild. 

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Evaporative System Integrity Module (ESIM)

The Evaporative System Integrity Module, also known as an Evaporative System Integrity Monitor or ESIM, is a key component of the EVAP System on many late model Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM Trucks, and Fiat vehicles. Unlike previous Leak Detection System, the ESIM does not contain a solenoid. Instead, the ESIM uses two weights, a diaphragm, and a switch to detect pressure differences across a variety of conditions.